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I give Zoey 5 million kisses a day. Now she’s at the stage where she’s reciprocating it and it’s the cutest thing on earth. Sometimes, she would actually initiate the kiss which I find amazing!

I have a feeling she’s going to be my best friend. I think she thinks it’s cool to hang out with mommy. 

This is a diy kleenex box. I used Japanese paper to cover the once metal box.

Saw these gorgeous red willow branches at Whole Foods. Ain’t no way we were leaving w/o giving them a home. Ain’t no way!

Rubbing her eyes. Someone is getting sleepy!

And she peacefully snoozes in mommy’s arms. Do give your baby millions of kisses each day b/c when they know how to give it back, a kiss is not just a kiss.

Til next post, Kellie

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